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Commitment to Diversity

We're all part of Western's diverse community. Residence Life embraces, appreciates, and celebrates people of all races, nationalities, sexes, gender identities, affectional or sexual orientations, socioeconomic statuses, spiritual practices, abilities, and any other dimension of personal lifestyle. Society is strengthened by human diversity and the growth fostered by an inclusive community. Every person has equal worth and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect accordingly.

We work and live together, maintaining an environment of mutual respect, interpersonal curiosity, while also striving to have positive interactions with one another. We can learn from one another and gain a greater understanding of and appreciation for our fellow people.

We're responsible for our actions and our behaviour will model our values: we treat others with respect and we expect them to do the same to us. We don't subscribe to attitudes or actions that hurt or degrade another person because of their age, ability, nationality, race, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, gender identity or expression, or any other reason. Any form of abuse, harassment, threat, or violence is incompatible with our philosophy and will not be tolerated. We don't accept ignorance, anger, alcohol, or substance abuse as a valid excuse, reason, or rationale for negative behaviour.

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