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During Your Academic Year

Supports on Campus

Everyone needs help along the way to academic success. Please check out all of the resources Western has to offer to ensure you have a successful year.



In Residence, we are committed to creating a supportive residence community that maximizes your potential for success.

Our residences have:

  • Residence Managers: Full-time employees of the University who live and work in each residence. They are responsible for promoting an atmosphere of academic achievement, community living, as well as the enhancement of student learning outside of the classroom.
  • Residence Staff (Residence Advisors and Dons) and Sophs: Well trained upper-year students and eager to be caring friends who can connect you with the personal, social, and academic support that you may need.
  • Academic and Leadership Programmers (ALPs): Residence leaders who help guide you through Western's academic policies and standards. They can be contacted through your residence staff member.
  • Assistant Program Coordinators (APCs): Organize late-night and/or weekend social events, and deliver awareness programs on a variety of topics such as personal wellness, environmental sustainability, diversity, and more.
  • Front desk staff: Available in various residences during the day and accessible by phone on a 24-hour basis


Room 3C10, Ontario Hall Residence

Your health and well-being are important to us. The Residence Counsellors provide professional and confidential counselling services on a wide variety of issues free of charge to students living in residence. The Residence Counsellors facilitate students' personal development, self-awareness, problem solving and communication, and assists to support students with mental health issues who may demonstrate safety concerns for themselves and/or others.


Room 3C10, Ontario Hall
519-661-3547 *

This area handles all inquiries related to building and Room Assignment prior to move-in day, residence fees and the meal plan.


Room 4100, Western Student Services Building
519.661.3031 *

Western's Student Development Centre offers a broad range of programs designed to assist students to deal with career, learning, social and personal concerns in an academic environment. They address students' needs for empowerment, information, skilled intervention, advocacy, community and employment. Services offered include Employment Services/Internet Employment Café, Career Services, Resource Centre, Services for Students with Disabilities, First Nations Services, Psychological Services, International Student Services, Learning Skills Services, Effective Writing Program, and Volunteers-in-Progress Program. Drop-in services include the Job Search Clinic, the Learning Skills Clinic, the Effective Writing Centre, the International Student Centre and the First Nations Learning Resource Centre.


Room 11, Lower lever, University Community Centre
519.661.3030 *

The Student Health Services (SHS) offers a wide range of health and medical services on-campus to students. SHS provides all of the same services as your family doctor, and more: medical care and treatment, counselling, psychiatry, birth control counselling, allergy injections, immunizations, STI testing, laboratory, physiotherapy, and massage therapy. SHS offers medical, counselling, and health education centers that are open year-round. Bring your student card and health card with you when you visit SHS. The medical and counselling centres schedule meetings by appointment only.


2/F, International and Graduate Affairs Building
519.661.2111 ext. 89309 *

If you are a student coming from outside of Canada, our International and Exchange Student Centre (IESC) office provides valuable information on visas, health care, and special programs and services designed for your particular needs. For information on the City of London, maps or weather-related information, please visit or


Room 256, University Community Centre
519.661.2111 ext. 85929 *

You are welcome to visit, meet with friends, use one of the rooms for prayer or meetings, or join in on a discussion or event. A number of faith groups are represented and multi-faith chaplains from the London area are available through this office.


Room 210, University Community Centre
519.661.3559 *

The Student Success Centre is a short walk from all residences. You can get further academic support, information and referrals to the many student support services available on campus. The Student Success Centre organizes study groups as well as the Leadership and Mentorship Program (LAMP).


Room 2319, Somerville House
519.661.3334 *

The Division of Housing and Ancillary Services is committed to promoting diversity within all of Western's residences, and respect for all its residents. However, if you are confronted with harassment, discrimination, or related human-rights issues, this office provides confidential consultation and mediation services.


Room 3135, Western Student Services Building
519-661-3573 *

If you have any concerns and need some assistance in understanding your rights and responsibilities as a student, the Office of the Ombudsperson can assist in providing information and support about any aspect of university life. This service is available to all students and confidentiality is assured.


Western Student Recreation Centre
519-661-3090 *

The Campus Recreation Centre is a great way to take advantage of a number of recreational activities, including aerobics, aquatics, racquet sports and more! Plus, a campus recreation pass is included in your student fees.


Behaviour Management

We want you to have a great time in residence but we also have some rules and regulations that must be followed to ensure everyone has a fun and safe year. Please be sure to read the behavioural management process before you arrive as well as during your academic year. This is explained further in your Residence Contract PDF file .


Our residence behavioural management process:

  • Educates students with regard to their actions and responsibilities
  • Protects the residence community from conduct violations
  • Maintains an environment that supports learning
  • Repairs any harm that is done to the community

We actively foster the personal and social development of students who are held accountable for violations of the Residence Understandings. The behavioural management system is designed to promote self-discipline and increase your capacity to respect the rights of others.

We emphasize appropriate conflict resolution methods and educational opportunities before punitive measures are considered whenever possible.

We investigate behaviour that is not consistent with the Residence Contract. We may use other sources of information (e.g., meal plan or lock/key logs, guest records, online forums, surveillance tapes, etc.) to assist in our investigation. We review these findings, the incident report, interview witnesses, and then meet with you to talk about what happened. Outcomes are based on a balance of probabilities given the information we are provided.


An honest understanding of the facts and surrounding circumstances is the best guarantee of a good outcome. Be upfront about what you know or what you've done. Falsifying or suppressing facts works against you. You are obliged to report violations of the residence contract and to cooperate with the investigation of incidents. Dishonesty, collusion or deliberate attempts to cover up the facts may result in disciplinary sanctions. We maintain the confidentiality of comments and observations provided to us during any phase of an investigation, including interviews.

Disciplinary matters will be evaluated and the decision will be conveyed to you within a reasonable time.

Each case is reviewed on an individual basis, taking the seriousness of the incident and its impact on the residence community into consideration when determining the appropriate sanction(s). We are determined to ensure the thoroughness of our investigations. All efforts will be made to contact those involved, including placing a hold on meal plans, if we are unable to contact a student through a Western-provided e-mail address.

Behaviour Management Ladder


While in or about the residence, you will contribute to maintaining an atmosphere conducive to community, study and sleep. Consideration for other residents will be shown at all times, or you will face disciplinary sanctions.


Emergency & Personal Safety

Safety is a major priority here at Western. Please read about all the emergency services available to you on campus.



Notify your residence Front Desk in emergency situations. They will call 911. All 911 calls will be directed to the Campus Community Police Service who will activate the appropriate response, such as police, fire, ambulance and/or the Student Emergency Response Team. Together, the Residence Front Desk Staff and the Campus Police will ensure that emergency personnel are escorted to the right location.

For NON-EMERGENCY situations, Campus Community Police can be reached at 519-661-3300.


The Campus Community Police Service (CCPS) is an active partner within all segments of the University. The CCPS supports the safety and security of all individuals and enriches the quality of campus life. Campus Police are designated as special constables by the Police Services Act and have similar powers of authority as municipal, regional or provincial police officers. Campus police investigate thefts, assaults, and alcohol-related incidents, carry out highway traffic act enforcement, as well as assist with Code of Student Conduct matters. The CCPS promotes the best student experience at Western University in partnership with the City of London and University partners.

Dial 911 for emergency services. Call 519-661-3300 or visit us at for general information.


The University reserves the right to summon an ambulance to transport you to a hospital if deemed necessary. The University will not assume liability for any costs of ambulance service. Please note that you can expect to be responsible for any applicable ambulance charges (between $50 and $300). You may want to verify that you have applicable insurance coverage.


SERT is a student-run volunteer organization affiliated with Student Health Services. SERT members, in teams of three, respond to all medical emergencies on campus, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Ministry of Health recognizes SERT as the first-response for Western. SERT responds with oxygen, defibrillation, burn and general trauma services, and provides First Aid certification training. Please visit the SERT website at for more information.


There are several campus emergency phones on the main University campus. These phones act as a direct link with the Campus Community Police, who can immediately mobilize fire, police and ambulance services to assist you. All pay telephones on campus are equipped with free one-touch speed dialing to the Campus Community Police.


The Western Foot Patrol provides safe escorts on the main and affiliated college campuses, deters crime through patrols, and promotes safety awareness. Mixed gender teams in distinctive black and purple jackets will walk you safely to/from your destination, and are available Sunday to Thursday from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m., and Friday and Saturday from 6 p.m. to 12 a.m. They offer vehicle transportation for longer distances in addition to their walking services. Western Foot Patrol also operates a safety resource centre and the Work Safe program, which enables students who are working and studying alone on campus to register for regular "check-ins" by mixed gender teams.

To contact Western Foot Patrol for any services, or to volunteer, please call 519-661-3650 (free from any campus pay phone) or visit them at the University Community Centre, Room 57. You can visit their website at



Coming to university may be your first experience living with someone else other than your family. For more information about how we assign roommates, the option to request a roommate, resolving differences, and room changes, please visit our Roommates page.

View our Living Together PDF file booklet which outlines suggestions of living with a roommate, as well as our Roommate Agreement PDF file which you will fill out with your roommate and staff member upon your arrival.

Procedures at Move-Out

When you move out of your residence in April, here are the steps you are required to go through:

  • Complete the Inventory Checklist with a Residence Staff member.
  • Remove your property from your room.
  • Turn in all keys that were assigned. You will be billed for a lost key if you fail to turn in your key(s) before leaving campus.
  • Leave your room (and University appliances) clean. You may be charged a cleaning fee if you fail to do so.

You will be held financially accountable for the condition of your room and furnishings based on inventories conducted in your absence if you fail to complete the checklist. An uncompleted list indicates that your room was in flawless condition at the end of the year. Any property left in a residence room following summer building closure will be assumed to be unwanted and disposed of accordingly.

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