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If you are a single student who has been accepted for an exchange to Western University, you will automatically receive either a guaranteed offer of residence or waiting list information with your academic offer package. No formal application is necessary, however you will be required to complete an online application once your prepayment has been received.

Students attending Western through the Faculty of Law or the Richard Ivey School of Business should contact their exchange coordinator at Western to inquire about housing. Students registering at Brescia, Huron or King's are not eligible for residence at Western's main campus.

Please be aware that the majority of students in our traditional style residence are 1st year undergraduates (17-19 years of age). As an older student, you may find selecting from one of the suite style residences, particularly London Hall (exclusively upper year), more conducive to your lifestyle/study habits.

Full Academic Year (September - April)

Eligible exchange students who receive academic acceptance by mid-May and who will be attending Western for the full academic year will receive a guaranteed offer of residence. Late acceptances will receive residence waiting list information with their academic offer.

One Semester Only Fall (September - December) or Winter (January - April)

Eligible exchange students who will be attending Western for one semester only may receive a guaranteed residence offer or waiting list information, depending on availability. Note: Residence fees quoted are for eight months, and will be prorated based on the number of days in the term i.e., (approximately ½ of fee quoted).

Please note that our guaranteed eligibility requirements are reviewed annually, and as such, are subject to change for the following year.

For more information regarding living in residence as an exchange student, visit our International & Exchange Students page.

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