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First Year

All first-year undergraduate students will receive either a guaranteed residence offer or a waiting list offer with their academic offer, based on your eligibility.

Accepting your residence offer is easy! If you receive a guaranteed residence offer with your Western academic offer, make your $900 prepayment to the Residence Admissions Office.

Once your prepayment has been received, we will provide you access to our online system where you can rank your building choices, share with us more information about yourself so we can match you with a suitable roommate, or provide your preferred roommate's name if you have someone in mind!

STEPS WHEN APPLYING TO RESIDENCE. 1- RECEIVE YOUR WESTERN ACCEPTANCE LETTER, 2 - MAKE YOUR PREPAYMENT, 3 - ANSWER QUESTIONS ABOUT YOU. * This proceedure applies only to Canadian students graduating from high school.  For complete details see below.

Guaranteed Residence Offer

Residence is GUARANTEED to incoming first-year students at Western, as long as you meet our eligibility requirements:

  • You are coming directly from high-school.
  • You are single, without children.
  • You have received an offer of full-time, first-year admission to Western's main campus by mid-May.
  • You are a registered main campus Western student. Brescia, Huron or King's students are not eligible for residence on main campus.

In order to retain your guaranteed space, your prepayment of $900 must be received by the Residence Admissions Office by the deadline date outlined on your offer of residence. Otherwise, your residence offer may be canceled.

If you are a President's or Faculty Entrance Scholarship recipient, we will accommodate you in your first choice of residence in a single room, unless you request a double room. If you have a 95% or higher entering average based on your mid-term marks, you will be accommodated in one of your top three residence choices. For 95% or higher residence placements, a double- or single-room assignment is dependent on lottery number.

Any student who enters university with a final admission average of 90% or higher or above, and lives in residence for their first year, will be guaranteed a space in residence for their second year (but not necessarily in the same building).

Please note that our guaranteed residence requirements are reviewed annually, and as such, are subject to change for the following year. Students who do not meet our guaranteed offer requirements are still welcome to apply to our residence waiting list.

Waiting List Offer

First-year undergraduate students not meeting the guaranteed residence eligibility requirements above will be sent residence waiting list information in the 'Residence at Western' letter included with the academic offer (e.g., students with previous post-secondary education, mature students, those who have received late academic offers).

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