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What is RezNet?

  • Internet Service Provider in Residence
  • 98% Student Subscription Rate
  • No bandwidth limits

How do I change my RezNet subscription?

You can change your RezNet subscription by emailing the Housing Office at

What type of computer do I need to connect to RezNet?

Almost any computer can connect to RezNet. We support computers with Windows 10, 8, 7, and all current versions of Mac OS X. Please note that older wireless equipment may experience difficulties connecting to RezNet's wireless service.

Can I bring a wireless router?

No. Personal wireless routers will interfere with the wireless internet being provided to your fellow residents. If you have a specific need for a personal router, please call the RezNet summer hotline so that we can explore potential solutions

Bring a network cable!

We strongly suggest you bring an ethernet cable with you to residence. Please note that although wireless internet access is available in residence, some devices like game consoles will only work on our wired network and a wired connection provides the most reliable and highest quality service! The length of the cable required varies by residence building. Please visit the RezNet website at for a list of suggested cable lengths.

For more information about RezNet - visit our website at!

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