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Room Assignment

Assignments are made in lottery-number order from a computer-generated lottery that randomly assigns a number to each student. The program considers the information that you provide in the online residence placement questionnaire, including lifestyle, building and roommate preferences, as well as other information you tell us about yourself.

When your lottery number is reached, you will be placed, in order of your submitted preferences, in the first building with spaces still available. You have a one-in-four chance of being assigned to Saugeen-Maitland Hall as it comprises about one-quarter of our first-year residence spaces.

We reserve the right to assign rooms based on availability, including combining multiple residents into rooms, within reasonable limits of safety and comfort, should situations of high-demand arise.

Although you are given an option to tell us where you prefer to be placed, we are unable to guarantee that you will be placed in a building that is among your preferred choices. Placement in the building of your last choice is a possibility based on situations of high demand.

When will I know my room assignment?

You will find out your room assignment and your roommate's name when you arrive. We are unable to inform you of either your room location or your roommate's name until that time because we will be assigning rooms right up until move-in day.

Can I relocate?

There are generally no vacancies in residence for the first academic quarter. Therefore, building and room changes are only considered (or required) after Thanksgiving. These switches occur at the discretion of the Residence Life Management Team under exceptional circumstances. You will be charged or credited accordingly for any differences in room or meal plan rates between residence rooms and/or buildings. Roommate mediation will always be the first choice of resolution to any requests for change due to a roommate dispute.

Moving to a single room

There are a limited number of single rooms in the traditional-style and hybrid-style residences. While most of these rooms are assigned to upper-year students, there may be some single rooms available for first-year students. Single rooms are assigned on factors such as special needs, age, and lottery number. In some cases, students who requested a single room but were placed in a double room may still be moved if a suitable vacancy occurs. If you are moved from double- to single-room accommodation prior to your move-in day, you will be notified through your Western provided e-mail, and your residence fees will be adjusted accordingly. Any moves from double- to single-room accommodation after move-in day will be at the discretion of the Residence Life Management Team.

No moves will take place if a loss of revenue may be incurred. If you are moved from a double to a single room, you will be responsible for paying the single-room rate, which will be pro-rated from the time the offer of single-room accommodation is accepted.

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