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Living Learning Community Floors

Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) are one of our most effective, high-impacting, and immersive programs in Residence.

Living-Learning Communities are themed floors that offer students sharing the same faculty, program or interests the opportunity to live together on the same floor. They are developed to give you a more enriched living and learning environment, combining academic integration, personal development, and community engagement.

Faculty-Based   |   Interest-Based   |   Lifestyle-Based

Living-Learning Communities offer numerous additional benefits that enhance your academic potential:

  • An easy way to meet peers who share the same interests and academic goals
  • Easier access to study groups and social events
  • Programs and events tailored to fit your needs, goals, and interests
  • Multiple upper-year mentors who have first-hand experience with residents' classes and assignments
  • Enhanced opportunities for career and life skill development
  • Volunteer and leadership development opportunities connected with your academic community
  • An increased sense of belonging in a particularly supportive environment

Selection Process

If you are interested in applying to the living learning community floors, please rank only your top four preferences in the appropriate boxes on your residence placement questionnaire. Selection for the living learning community floors takes place at the time of room assignment. You will find out your floor assignment and your roommate upon arrival in September.


Please note that there is no additional cost to live on any of these communities. All floors are mixed gender.

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"My goal in general this year with my first-year students is to 'get out of the classroom'. Sure, they can learn about course concepts in a lecture setting. But learning that your profs are approachable, that they care about students' well-being, and they wish to see you succeed can be emphasized outside of the classroom in particular."

Dr. Sarah Ross
Residence Faculty Mentor
First-Year MOS Professor
Social Science