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Your Meal Plan

We're proud to offer dining halls in almost all of our residence buildings along with our flexible and affordable meal plan.

Choices! Choices!

In-house dining offering fruit, salad, soup and sandwich bars, hot meals cooked by our in-house chefs and comfort foods served at our late-night snack bars.

The residence meal plan consists of an overhead portion and a food credit portion. The food credit portion provides you the benefit of having a residence dollars account as well as a separate flex dollars account for convenience items.


The overhead fee is used to maintain and operate the dining halls. This includes labour, capital costs, equipment, etc. There is no food credit value to the overhead fee and it is non-refundable.

Food Credit

The food credit portion of the meal plan works like a debit card with a declining balance. There are two types of food credit: Residence Dollars and Flex Dollars.

Residence Dollars are used at on-campus eateries and residence dining halls. The cost of food purchased in the residence dining halls is reduced and tax-exempt to reflect that the overhead has been paid.

Flex Dollars can be used to purchase on-campus confection purchases (such as at vending machines) and at our meal plan partner restaurants found both on- and off-campus. Many take-out/delivery options are available. Off-campus flex purchases are subject to full retail prices plus applicable taxes.

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