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Upper-year students often take on volunteer positions, part-time jobs, or internships

               with institutions based in the city, and London Hall’s location at the corner of Western
               and Sarnia Road makes the commute much easier. Alumni House, another suite-style
               residence, is located conveniently at the Richmond Street entrance. Alumni House
               also offers a recently renovated workout room and study lounge. Shops and
               restaurants of Richmond Row are a short bus ride away.

               Application for upper-year residence for all returning students will open November
               13 on the myHousing Portal. Students will be able to choose their preferred building,
               their suitemate(s) and their specific room, on a first-come first-served basis. If the
               application is submitted before December 22, students will receive $200 food credit
               on their meal plan for 2018-19.

               Student Leader Positions in Residence

               Residence is not only a place for sleeping, eating, and studying; it also offers
               various student leadership opportunities that can enrich your student’s learning
               experience. Each year, we hire students for leadership positions such as Residence
               Dons, Residence Advisors, Rez Sophs (Orientation Leaders), RezNet Support Team,
               and Residence Tour Guides. Help your student to get familiar with these

               opportunities and remind them to watch out for the recruitment announcements
               coming up this month.

               Here’s just one sneak peek: Residence Orientation Leaders, also known as Rez
               Sophs. This position provides upper-year students with a rewarding experience for
               their personal development, while supporting incoming first-year students with their
               transition to university. Rez Sophs provide mentorship through friendship and social
               interaction, such as floor socials and campus activities. By becoming a Rez Soph,
               your student will receive exceptional training, and join a supportive RezLife
               community with endless opportunities to meet new people at Western. Rez Sophs will
               be given priority for part-time employment opportunities in the Western Housing

               Department. The skills developed through the Rez Soph experience will also be
               reflected on your student’s Co-Curricular Record at Western.

                                                                                 Parents’ Newsletter, Western Housing
                                                                                                Fall Issue, 2017-18
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