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How do I withdraw from residence?

As regulations provide that tenure will be for the full academic year (e.g. for undergraduates September to April), applications for withdrawal will be considered only under exceptional circumstances. Withdrawal will be contingent on your assuming financial responsibility for your full fee (including meal plan overhead costs) until a replacement acceptable to the Division of Housing and Ancillary Services has taken up residence and has assumed financial responsibility for the remainder of the full residence fee. Prior to leaving, you are also required to fill out a withdrawal form, which is available at the front desk.

Is there a fee for withdrawing from residence?

All students who withdraw from residence or are required to withdraw for any reason whatsoever, or who have had their residence contracts terminated, will be assessed a $900 withdrawal fee, not as a penalty but as liquidated damages to cover the Division of Housing and Ancillary Services' costs. As all residents are required to be full-time students of Western University, if you withdraw from the University, you will be required to withdraw from residence, and will be assessed the withdrawal fee. In addition, if the withdrawal is the result of a contract termination, the University reserves the right to charge any remaining residence room and meal plan overhead charges.

What if I decide to cancel my residence offer before September?

If you decide to cancel your residence offer before the academic year commences, half of the $900 prepayment will be refunded to you if your written notice of cancellation is received by the Residence Admissions Office no later than August 1, 2017 . If you cancel your residence offer after that date, you will forfeit your $900 residence prepayment. If you are an upper-year student, and are not deemed full-time or are not academically admissible according to the Registrar, by August 1, 2017, your residence contract will be cancelled and your residence prepayment will be refunded.

What if I decide to transfer to an affiliated college of the University?

If, after accepting residence accommodation in Alumni House, Delaware, Elgin, Essex, Medway-Sydenham, Perth, London, or Saugeen-Maitland or Ontario Hall, you elect to transfer to one of the affiliated colleges (Brescia, Huron, or King's) your residence prepayment fee will be forfeited, and you will be subject to all applicable charges and withdrawal regulations. No transfer will be permitted from the residence halls to university-owned apartments and vice-versa.

I'm an upper-year student. What if I'm not accepted into my program?

If you are not accepted to a limited admission program (e.g. law, medicine, dentistry, etc.) at Western, but have been admitted to the same program at another university, you will be refunded the full $900 prepayment on the condition that you submit a written request with supporting documentation for the refund within the current academic year.

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