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Your Western ONECard, a personalized student identification card, complete with your photograph, also functions as your meal card. The magnetic stripe on the back is used to make purchases on your account, which will have been credited, prior to your arrival, with your residence meal plan and flex account dollars. Your Western ONECard should be handled with care. In order to avoid the inconvenience of a card that is lost or not working properly, please protect it as you would any credit card. Provided you have your Western ONECard, you may begin purchasing food items immediately upon arrival. You must present your card each time you make a purchase; otherwise, you will be required to pay cash.

You have the benefit of having a residence meal plan account as well as a separate flex dollars account for convenience items. The residence meal plan consists of an overhead portion and a food credit portion. The overhead portion covers the fixed capital and administrative costs involved in operating our residence dining facilities, such as wages, utilities, equipment purchases, maintenance, and use of dishware and utensils. Pricing for food purchases in residence dining halls reflects that the non-refundable overhead charge (covering administrative and capital costs as described above) has been removed (a discount from the retail price is processed at the cash register). The price charged to residents includes the cost of the product(s), factoring in seasonal price and marketing board fluctuations and freight costs, and takes wastage, theft, spillage and condiments into account. The food credit portion is reduced each time you purchase prepared food or meal items.

The flex dollar portion of your account is used for convenience food purchases (generally, confection items purchased on campus). All confection items and single beverages purchased at any residence and main campus eatery, including chocolate bars, candy, and potato chips, are fully taxable unless purchased with a prepared meal. Your flex dollars are also used for purchases from vending machines or those from off-campus food locations that, due to government tax restrictions, do not qualify as being part of your tax-exempt residence meal plan.

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